Effective Discipline: A Management Tool


This two day course is intended for all managers or supervisors who need to deal with poor performance or misconduct. It is also highly recommended for labour representatives, shop stewards and union officials and could also benefit legal practitioners needing a practical view of discipline to complement a strict legal perspective.
Guidelines, checklists and role plays help make it easy for participants to put the knowledge and skills gained into practice.

After completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish between poor performance and misconduct
  • Distinguish between incapacity, incompetence and incompatibility
  • Identify and respond to different levels of performance
  • Counsel poor performers
  • Set, measure, monitor and review performance standards
  • Identify when poor performance becomes a category of misconduct
  • Investigate an alleged offence effectively, to collect the evidence
  • Distinguish between evidence and proof
  • Decide on discipline or alternative action to follow
  • Understand evaluate and use different types of evidence
  • Frame appropriate charges for a disciplinary hearing.
  • Lead a case and present evidence
  • Follow and use the basic disciplinary hearing steps.

Content includes 

Day 1

  • Distinguishing between poor performance and misconduct
  • Distinguishing between incapacity, incompetence and incompatibility
  • Identify and respond to different levels of performance
  • Counselling to address poor performance
  • Setting, measuring, monitoring and reviewing performance standards
  • Identifying when poor performance becomes a category of misconduct
  • Discipline defined and explained
  • Initiating disciplinary action for poor performance or misconduct
  • Legal and procedural requirements for discipline
  • Dismissal and alternatives for misconduct

Day 2

  • Practical problems implementing discipline
  • Categorising, evaluating and using different types of evidence
  • The burden of proof and balance of probability
  • Investigating an alleged offence effectively, collecting the evidence
  • The difference between evidence and proof required for a hearing
  • Evaluating evidence and witnesses’ credibility
  • Deciding on disciplinary action or alternatives
  • Framing appropriate charges and initiating disciplinary action
  • Requirements for notifying employees of disciplinary action
  • Basic employee rights and legal requirements
  • The human and physical resources required when holding a hearing
  • Preparing, presenting and using evidence at a hearing
  • The basic disciplinary procedure and hearing steps


The cost for the course is R4200 per person.   
This includes full course notes, tea/coffee and lunches on both days.

Note: An Early Bird discount of 20% is offered if you book and pay at least seven (7) days prior to the course. The Early Bird price is R3360 per person.    

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