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Bafundise Course Calendar 2018 (Johannesburg)

Effective Discipline - Overview (Johannesburg)

08:30 AM
04:00 PM

This course is intended for managers/supervisors who investigate and carry out disciplinary hearings.

After completion of this course the learner will be able to:

Explain organisational and legal policies, procedures for instituting disciplinary action.
Investigate the allegation.
Prepare for a hearing.
Conduct a disciplinary hearing.
Content includes

The difference between poor performance issues and misconduct issues and how the organisations policy and procedures for handling each.
Organisational procedure for instituting disciplinary action and applicable timeframes.
Legal requirements in respect of instituting disciplinary action and applicable timeframes.
The role players required in the process of investigating an incident and their roles.
Legal and organisational requirements in the taking of statements.
How to carry out an investigation ensuring it is fair and impartial.
The organisation's disciplinary procedures.
Requirements in the completing of paperwork in respect to disciplinary action and where this is stored including the confidentiality of decisions.
Requirements in regard to notifying an employee of a pending hearing and the required time frames.
Employee rights when involved in a hearing.
Information to be given to employees involved in a hearing and the timeframes for this.
The human and physical resources required when holding a hearing.
Internal/external resources available to help with the process/decision making.
Organisational procedures for recording details of the hearing.
The legal tests to ensure procedural and substantive fairness.
Requirements in respect of notifying the employee of the disciplinary decision.
Policy in respect of taking into account prior offences/disciplinary action and/or aggravating circumstances.
Employee rights regarding appeals.

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