Effective Discipline: An Overview


This special course is intended to create an awareness of discipline as a management tool and to provide an overview of the Effective Discipline training courses offered by Bafundise. It is intended for managers who want to be updated on disciplinary issues and also those who want to assess the training for themselves or wider use in their companies.  

It provides valuable information, insights and can provide the foundation for a practical approach to discipline.  

In addition to general questions about practical issues, the following will be covered:     

  • What is discipline?
  • When to use discipline
  • Legal legislation overview
  • Practical problems implementing   discipline
  • The need for distinguishing  between poor performance and misconduct.
  • The need for distinguishing incapacity,  incompetence and incompatibility
  • Identify and respond to different levels of performance
  • When to Counsel, when to discipline.
  • Performance standards
  • Why investigate an alleged offence
  • Different types of evidence
  • Basic preparations for a disciplinary hearing
  • Disciplinary hearing requirements      


The cost for the course is R750 per person.  
This includes course notes, tea/coffee and lunch.