Our Approach

Our Training Approach

Bafundise Skills has a professional and holistic approach to training skills. As such we pursue the following principles and actions.

Assess training

We prefer to conduct a training needs analysis before a training programme to ensure that the outcomes of the training are in line with the learners’ needs and the client’s objectives.

Accredited facilitators

All our facilitators are accredited, experienced and experts in their fields of instruction as well as are passionate about training and development.

Holistic approach
In providing training courses it is important to integrate these with any other interventions the company is undertaking.

Small Groups
Group sizes are limited to a maximum  of 10 learners to enable the facilitator to get the most out of interaction  and focus on each learner’s application of theory through practice thereby promoting real learning.

Promote  Learner Motivation
Through our interactive facilitation style, and with the use of meaningful communication, we encourage individuals to feel motivated and enthusiastic .

Encourage self-reflection
During and after the training, learners are required to reflect on what they have learned compared to areas in which they need to develop, and to make very specific action plans to address these areas.

Methodical Evaluation Processes
Depending on the course content assessment is done by the learners themselves as well as by the facilitator, throughout the training. We also offer formal assessment and moderation for courses carrying credit.

Comprehensive Feedback
Feedback may include: a report on the learning that took place, the individual learners’ needs and how they were addressed, individual assessments, facilitator’s observations, any issues arising in the workshop, and recommendations for ongoing development.

Creating solid partnerships
We follow our training with individually addressed correspondence to each learners, encouraging them to re-address the development goals they set for themselves in the training course, remind them of any pertinent learning areas relevant to them, and invite them to contact their trainer for any further help or individual coaching they might need.